Papa Hobo

written and performed by Paul Simon
from "Paul Simon."
Transcribed by Erik Strom.

A  E     

     D             D7
It's carbon and monoxide

    G     F#    F  E
The ole Detroit perfume

   D            D7
It hangs on the highways

In the morning

       A                D    
And it lays you down by noon

Oh Papa Hobo

                     G              G7
You can see that I'm dressed like a schoolboy

      C           A/C#
But I feel like a clown

       G         E        C
It's a natural reaction I learned

              Bm   Am   G   Bdim Am G     Am G Am G Am G Am  
In this basketball town

Sweep up

I been sweeping up the tips I've made

      C/E  Dm C              
I'm living on Gatorade

            G       G7     
Planning my getaway

Detroit, Detroit

Got a hell of a hockey team

           Em  Dm C
Got a left-handed way

   E/B      Am  Am/G            
Of making a man sign up on that

D/F#                 G         G7      
Automotive dream, oh yeah,  oh yeah

C7  C#   D      G
Oh, Papa Papa Hobo

                    F        Bb A Ab 
Could you slip me a ride?

G                      D/F#
 Well, it's just after breakfast

           G7  F 
I'm in the road

G7      C7         F     
And the weatherman lied, 

Dm/A  Bb   Am  Bb   Am Gm F  
Oo-------, Ah-----, Oo-------

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