Night Game

written and performed by Paul Simon
from "Still Crazy After All These Years."
Transcribed by Erik Strom.

           D   A7  Dmaj7
There were two men down

        G     D7  G  
And the score was tied

E7        F#m    D      Bm7
   In the bottom of the eighth

         Dm6     A    
When the pitcher died

 A7          D    A7  Dmaj7
    And they laid his spikes

       G    D7   G    
On the pitcher's mound

E7         F#m D        Bm7 
   And his uni-form was torn

And his number was left on the ground

E        Am    F      Am   
Then the night turned cold

Colder than the moon

    Gm                  Dm
The stars were white as bones

The stadium was old

Older than the screams

Older than the teams

           D     A7  Dmaj7
There were three men down

        G  D7  G 
And the season lost

E7         Bm            Em   Bbmaj7  
   And the tarpaulin was ro---lled

  D      A7     Dmaj7  
Upon the winter frost

G D7  G D7 G D Em  A  D     

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