Silent Eyes

written and performed by Paul Simon
from "Still Crazy After All These Years."
Transcribed by Erik Strom.

G#m            Emaj7  
Silent Eyes

     E7    B       B/A  G#m7     
Watching Jerusalem

C#m7     B   C#m7 B/D# E         A        
Make her bed      of   stones

G#m            Emaj7  
Silent Eyes

No One will comfort her;

  B       B/A  G#m7     

C#m7           A  
Weeps alone

        D7        F  F#dim
 She is sorrow,   sorrow

    G            C     G/B  A7sus  
She burns like a flame------------

A7               D          
   And she calls--- my name

G     D   D7 G     D  A  Gmaj7     

Bm  F#m7  Bm     A  E  A           

Am          Fmaj7  
Silent Eyes

    F7         C          C/Bb  Am  
Burning in the desert sun---------

C9           F       Fm  Bb9  
Halfway to Jerusalem

And we shall all be called as witnesses

Each and ev'ryone

   Bbm              Gb          Gdim 
To stand before the eyes of God

    Ab             Db7  C7+5  Fm           
And speak what was done---------


F     Bb     F     Bb     

F  C  Bbmaj7     Dm  Am  Dm     

C  G  C  Gm  Cm  Gm  Cm  Gm7 Cm       

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