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Song For The Asking is a public fan site for information on Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Site design and maintenance by R. D. Riet. Design Copyright (c) 1997-2002 Random Duck Design. All rights reserved.
Song For The Asking

This is a thorough - though, by no means, complete - collection of links to online Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel resources. Feel free to explore the net via these "bridges over internet water."

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The Official Sites:
  • Paul - Paul's official website.
  • The Art Garfunkel Website by Donald McCarthy
  • - the official website

    Superb Fan Sites:
  • Lasers In The Jungle by Joey Berger
  • The Paul Simon Pages by Joost Lenders
  • Erik's Paul Simon Page by Erik Ström
  • Paul Simon Timeline by Paul Maclauchlan
  • The Simon & Garfunkel FAQ by Josie Marie (official FAQ home)
  • Simon & Garfunkel Home Page by Rich Kent
  • Salmon & Garlic by Hiroshi Nishi
  • The Acoustic Guitar Song Collection - Simon & Garfunkel by Jean-Marc Orliaguet
  • My Old Friends by Roman
  • The Sound of Simon by Aitor Saiz (en español)
  • The Alt.Music.Paul-Simon Page by Nicholas Trokiner
  • The Cool River by Miriam Schnurr
  • Brad's Paul Simon Guitar Tablature Page by Brad Priddy
  • Paul Simon site by Jesper Ivarsson
  • Russian Paul Simon Site by Andrey Fomenko (in Russian [Win1251 Cyrillic or Koi-8 Cyrillic)

    Collaborators who have worked with Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel:
  • New Bohemians website - official Edie Brickell site
  • James Taylor Online by Joel Risberg
  • Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again - The James Taylor Web Site
  • Ladysmith Black Mombazo
  • Move Real Easy - Marc Cohn (wrote song for Garfunkel's Songs From A Parent To A Child)

    Other Online Resources:
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Simon & Garfunkel
  • Simon & Garfunkel - Sony Music official site
  • American Music Resources - Paul Simon
  • Art Garfunkel - Metro Entertainment official site
  • Art Garfunkel info from FolkBook

    Other friends of SFTA:
  • The Academy of American Poets
  • ICE Magazine

    Last updated: 9 September 2003