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Author's Note: this FAQ dates back to 2002 and has been infrequently updated since. While efforts will be made to bring this up to modern relevance, please consider it a snapshot of what was, back in the days before content management systems were the norm. - RDR, June 2020

Welcome to the original Mini-FAQ! This FAQ is part of the seed that became the Simon & Garfunkel FAQ.

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People: what are Simon & Garfunkel doing?

Is Paul Simon recording a new album? Is he touring this year? Any other information?

The short answer to both questions: maybe and yes. Simon released his latest studio album, You're The One, in October 2000. Many of his favourite musicians, including Steve Gadd and Vincent Nguini, are featured. Simon premiered one of the songs, "Darling Lorraine," during a live interview in May 2000. Paul has mentioned, via various European media outlets, that he is in the early stages of working on a new album.

Simon embarked on a European tour in October 2000, followed by a short North American tour in November and December. The brought Simon to Sweden, England, Germany, Italy and France, and played "major markets" in North America. Tickets for all dates are on sale. Simon continued his promotional tour for You're The One in the summer of 2001, teaming with Brian Wilson for a series of double-bill shows.

And, of course, there's the upcoming reunion tour with Art Garfunkel, starting this October and lasting through mid-December.

Paul Simon is married to Edie Brickell (folk-rock composer, singer and musician), and they have three children, Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel. Paul has houses in both New York City and Montauk, Long Island. Paul also has a son, Harper, from his first marriage to Peggy Harper.

Is Art Garfunkel recording a new album? Is he touring this year?

Art Garfunkel recently released his new "adult" studio album, Everything Waits To Be Noticed, was released on 8 October 2002, and features a more "modern" sound than his previous work, as Garfunkel has enlisted the production team resposible for the hit sounds of N*Sync and other recent hit groups. Two songs - "Bounce" and "A Perfect Moment" - premiered on the Warner Bros. TV show, "Felicity," in May 2001. Lyrics for most of the songs are penned by Garfunkel, with musical assistance from Buddy Mondlock and Maia Sharp.

Of late, Garfunkel tours more consistently than Simon. Garfunkel has recently appeared with full symphonic backing at a number of venues in the U.S. and Europe. He has an ever-growing number of concerts scheduled for 2002 - check out the Art Garfunkel Website for more info. His summer and fall tour dates have taken Garfunkel to the Japan and various locations in the United States.

And, of course, there's the upcoming reunion tour with Paul Simon, starting this October and lasting through mid-December.

Art Garfunkel is married to Kim Cermak (singer and actress), and they have one child, James.

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Live Shows (and artifacts thereof)

I went to a Simon & Garfunkel/Paul Simon/Art Garfunkel concert in 19xx. Is this show out on CD?

Short answer: likely not. There are very few legitimate live recordings of Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel. The officially released live canon includes (but is not strictly limited to):

  • Songs Of America (1969) - Simon & Garfunkel (video only - very rare)
  • The Concert in Central Park (1981) - Simon & Garfunkel (audio/video)
  • Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits (3 tracks) (audio only)
  • Live Rhymin' (1974) - Paul Simon (audio only)
  • Saturday Night Live - Paul Simon (with Art Garfunkel on 1 episode) (video only)
  • Live at The Tower (1980) - Paul Simon (video only - rare)
  • Graceland: The African Concert (1987) (video/audio [Japan only; excerpts Graceland ECD])
  • Paul Simon: American Masters (PBS 1992) (video only)
  • Concert in the Park (1991) - Paul Simon (audio/video)
  • MTV Unplugged (1992) - Paul Simon ("Graceland" available on the Unplugged highlights disc)
  • Across America (Disney 1996) - Art Garfunkel
  • Old Friends (Sony/Legacy 1997) - Simon & Garfunkel (a handful of live tracks)
  • You're The One: Live In Paris (Warner Bros. 2000) - Paul Simon (DVD only)
  • Live In New York City, 1967 (Columbia/Legacy 2002) - Simon & Garfunkel

July 2002 saw the release of Live In New York City, 1967, featuring a nearly-complete recording of their show from 22 January 1967 at Lincoln Center. Four of the tracks from the new CD appear on Old Friends, and one track from said box set - "Red Rubber Ball" - does not appear on the new CD. Additionally, the newer CD is a more "raw" mix, with less reverb applied to the songs.

There are recordings of many live Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel performances available on ROIOs (Recordings Of Illegitimate Origin). These releases are of questionable legality, and are difficult to find. For more info, check my ROIO Page.

Can you help me find/buy/get _________ ROIO?

No - I'm sorry. I'm not in the business of selling ROIOs. Look in record collecting journals, record shows and in various Internet resources (web pages, Usenet news, etc.), and you may find what you seek.

However, please keep these conversations private. While many CD vendors value publicity, they don't want the kind of public showcase that can lead to busts. Many small record stores that sell ROIOs have been raided due to tips found in Usenet news postings and information contained on websites. The rule is: if the general public can see the info, then Federal Customs agents and others can see it, too. Be careful what you say and where you say it.

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Songs and Albums: anomalies, rarities, etc.

Is The Paul Simon Songbook available? Is it out on CD?

The Paul Simon Songbook was first released in 1965 by CBS Records U.K., Ltd. Since then, it has been in-and-out of print, usually produced by CBS divisions in Europe and Japan. The only U.S. release of this LP came with the 1980 box set, Paul Simon Collected Works, which was released by Columbia Records. This set is out-of-print, as Simon's entire catalogue is now handled by Warner Bros. Although Warner assigned a catalogue number to Songbook, there have been no efforts made to reissue the album in any format.

Finding a new copy of Songbook is very tough. Finding a used copy in good condition isn't quite as hard, though it does require some tenacity and patience. Look for copies of the Paul Simon Collected Works box set - they are usually easier to find than a loose copy of Songbook, though you won't get the album sleeve with the box set. Your best bet for finding a copy is at a used record store, an online auction site (such as eBay), or a Goodwill or Salvation Army store.

There are no plans to release The Paul Simon Songbook on CD (Paul made this clear in 1993 on "Larry King Live"). One track is available on CD: "Leaves That Are Green" is the kickoff track of the 1964/1993 box set.

Simon & Garfunkel's Concert In Central Park has an extra verse in "The Boxer." Was this verse written especially for the reunion show?

Now the years are rolling by me,
They are rocking evenly.
I am older than I once was,
and younger than I'll be,
but that's not unusual.
No it isn't strange,
After changes upon changes
We are more or less the same.
After changes we are more or less the same.

Copyright © 1968 Paul Simon

The verse was penned by Paul Simon in 1968, when "The Boxer" was copyrighted. In addition, the extra verse was performed live by Simon & Garfunkel during their 1969 and 1970 tours (the earliest known recorded performance of the verse is from the Miami University show on 11 November 1969). Simon sang the verse during his early solo tours of the 1970s. An example of Simon's solo version can be found on the excellent Live Rhymin' CD.

The Bach trumpet and pedal steel guitar solo was suggested and written by Art Garfunkel and Roy Halee during the recording session for the Bridge Over Troubled Water album. Simon apparently liked the solo so much that it was mixed into the final recording. Given the timing and overall theme of the album (the impending S&G breakup), the missing verse would have likely broken the continuity of the album.

I heard that two or three songs were left off of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Is this true? Can I get these songs?

"Cuba Si - Nixon No" was recorded for Bridge, but was cut from the final running due to the fact that Garfunkel wasn't pleased with the political overtones of the lyrics. He preferred the inclusion of a Bach choral piece, an ideal which Simon nixed. Since no common ground could be reached, both songs were left out of the final running order. This is why Bridge has 11 songs, instead of the planned 12.

"Cuba Si - Nixon No" was performed live during Simon & Garfunkel's 1969 tour, and was filmed (at Miami University) for the AT&T "Songs Of America" TV special. The song infuriated AT&T, however, and the plan to include the entire concert was scrapped. Instead, only portions of the show were included, interspersed among interview footage.

There is no legitimate release of "Cuba Si - Nixon No" (the new Old Friends box set was supposed to include the studio version, but it was cut from the final running order). The whole Miami University show - including "Cuba Si - Nixon No" - is available as a ROIO.

The second song was Art's suggested replacement for "Cuba Si - Nixon No" - "Feuilles Oh," a traditional Bach choral piece. While the song never made it past the demo stage, Art did rework it (along with lyrical help from his first wife, earning the song the title of "Feuilles Oh/Do Spacemen Pass Dead Souls On Their Way To The Moon?") and included the song on his first solo album, Angel Clare. A early demo mix of this song appears on the Old Friends box set.

The third song, "Groundhog," was eventually recorded by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) on his 1973 release, That's Enough For Me. This album is currently out of print.

Were there any songs not included in the Collected Works box set? I thought that this set included all of Simon & Garfunkel's material.

Collected Works has was superseded in August 2001 by The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-1970, and is now discontinued. For more information on the new set, click here.

Two songs from Simon & Garfunkel's primary period (1963-1970) were omitted from the Collected Works box set. "You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies" was the original B-side to "Fakin' It," and was released in 1968. In fact, both recordings were left off of Collected Works, as the mix of "Fakin' It" was an early mix, much more sparse and slower than the LP cut (or any subsequent single release - all used the LP mix). Live versions of "You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies" have surfaced on ROIOs.

The studio version of "You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies" is a featured track on both the 1997 Old Friends box set and the 2001 remaster of Bookends. The single mix of "Fakin' It" is on the 1999 The Best of Simon & Garfunkel and Tales From New York CDs.

The other song recorded and released during Simon & Garfunkel's heyday but not reissued (until recently) is "The Star Carol," a traditional Christmas carol. It was recorded in 1967 for inclusion on a CBS Records holiday compilation which was released exclusively by Grant's department stores. The track remained unissued for many years, until Sony Music Special Products reissued the song on its Dreaming Of A White Christmas CD (catalogue number 7989-15348-2, in case you want to order a copy). The tune is a traditional English holiday song, and Simon & Garfunkel performed a simple acoustic arrangement.

(Recorded at the same time, "Comfort and Joy" is a simple reworking of the first verse of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Paul and Art's harmonies get more and more intricate as the song progresses. This track was eventually released on Old Friends.)

It could be argued that the early take of "Mrs. Robinson," which was used for Mike Nichols' landmark 1967 film, The Graduate, was also left out. This early version of the S&G hit features a very different guitar treatment and different lyrics. This version can be found on the official soundtrack to The Graduate, and is currently available from Sony Music. The soundtrack also contains different edits of "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" which were made to fit certain scenes in the film, as well as an early version of "The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine."

One post-breakup song was also omitted from the Collected Works set. In 1975, "My Little Town" was billed as a Simon & Garfunkel song, and was featured on albums by both Simon (Still Crazy After All These Years) and Garfunkel (Breakaway). It was also released as a 45rpm single, and is part of the Old Friends box set and The Best of Simon & Garfunkel.

I saw this box set called The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-1970. Is it better than the Collected Works set? How about the Old Friends set?

The new box set, The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-1970 (Columbia/Legacy C5K 69315), completely supersedes the now-discontinued Collectid Works set, and acts as a complementary set to Old Friends.

Released on August 21, 2001, the new set contains all five of S&G's Columbia albums (hits compilations were omitted). All of the albums are remastered from the original multi-track masters, from the same sessions used to compile Old Friends and The Best of Simon & Garfunkel. The box set includes a 72-page booklet containing lyrics, photos, the original liner notes, and new liner notes and commentary from Bud Scoppa. Each disc comes in a mini-reproduction of the original LP sleeve, and each disc features bonus tracks. The packaging is first rate (though the mini-LP sleeves weren't scanned at the highest resoultion possible) and the sound is crystal clear and full of life, making for an excellent means to acquire the complete S&G studio canon.

The only material not included in The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-1970 is the live tracks that are the highlight of Old Friends. Thus, for the completist, it is necessary to obtain both box sets.

Are there any songs which Simon & Garfunkel performed regularly in the 1960s but did not record?

There are a few songs which were concert staples for Simon & Garfunkel, but were not given the honour of being included on a full album. Among these are (all songs by Paul Simon, except where noted):

  • Going To The Zoo (Tom Paxton; played often in 1963 and 1964)
  • Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound (Tom Paxton; played often in 1963 and 1964)
  • The Side Of A Hill (from Simon's Songbook, became the canticle of "Scarborough Fair"; 1963 and 1964)
  • A Church Is Burning (from Simon's Songbook LP; 1964 thru 1966)
  • You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies (1966)
  • Red Rubber Ball (recorded by The Cyrkle, who made it a hit; 1965-1967)
  • Silver-Haired Daddy (Gene Autry; performed during the 1969 and 1970 tours)
  • Black Slacks (The Sparkletones, peers to Tom & Jerry; 1970)
  • Lightning Special (classic 50's doo-wop tune; 1970)

Is there any difference between the gold CD of Bridge Over Troubled Water and the regular disc? How about the Millennium Edition CD? How about the gold CD of Bookends?

Regarding Bridge, yes, there is. The gold CD is the only version of Bridge, aside from original LP pressings, to be mastered from the original master banding of the album. Most CD pressings of the Simon & Garfunkel catalogue were mastered from high-generation, LP-equalized tapes. Because these tapes were many generations removed from the master tapes, there is a loss in frequency range and dynamic range, as well as an increase in tape hiss.

The Sony/Legacy SBM (super bit-mapped) gold CD was carefully remastered using the original master banding of the album. The liner notes explain that the original tapes was used to preserve the fidelity of the recording, although it is noted that some loss had happened due to overuse when the LP was first pressed. Some computer enhancement was used to filter out drop-outs from the tape source (likely Sonic Solutions' NoNoise process), though not to a point where it is noticeable to the listener. The result is a version of Bridge which has more punch and clarity than any other mastering of the album (a possible exception would be the original steel master pressing for the first run of LPs in 1970).

The UK-issue Millennium Edition CD, issued in late 1999, features the same remastering as the gold Sony/Legacy CD. The added bonus of this CD is a complete reproduction of the original LP packaging, done at CD scale. Each copy is a numbered limited edition.

However, the 2001 remaster of Bridge is the best-sounding of the bunch. Its dynamic range is improved from the 1993-vintage SBM release, and ranks as the best-ever release of this landmark album. The remastering dates from the 1997 Irwin/Anesini sessions that yielded Old Friends>.

The same is true for the Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Ultradisc2 of Bookends. The twin-track master tapes were used for this remastering (after being used for the Old Friends set), and the difference in fidelity is astounding. In addition, there is a miniature reproduction of the poster included with the original LP. This is a wonderful disc, and worth the extra money to any fan.

Roy Halee had talked about remastering the entire Simon & Garfunkel catalogue in the late-1980s, but initially found that many of the master tapes and multi-track tapes had deteriorated to a point where they are "practically unusable." (Also, many had been left unmarked in Sony's vaults.) He also said that it would be "better to master from a first-pressing LP" than from the then-available tapes. However, the original multi-tracks of most of the S&G canon were found in the mid-1990s, as Sony's Legacy Recordings wing was given the task of cataloguing all unmarked tape reels in the vaults. These masters were used on the Old Friends box set in 1997 and The Best of Simon & Garfunkel in 1999.

In August 2001, Sony and Legacy Recordings released remasters of the entire Simon and Garfunkel catalogue (excluding hits collections and the soundtrack to The Graduate). These remasters feature the handiwork of Bob Irwin, whose remastering of S&G material was first realized on Old Friends. Each disc features bonus tracks, expanded liner notes, photos and other fun features, making them worth the upgrade.

A SBM remastering of The Sounds Of Silence was available from Sony Japan. I have yet to acquire a copy, so I can't say whether or not is a good remastering. Given its date of release (1995), it is highly unlikely that this disc was mastered from the original multi-track or twin-track tapes. Regardless, its presence has been completely superseded by the 2001 remasters.

Are any new Simon and Garfunkel albums going to be released? Is their catalogue going to be fully remastered?

On 28 October 1997, Legacy Recordings released a 3CD boxed set of Simon & Garfunkel material, Old Friends, which was fully remastered from the original master tapes. Special efforts were taken to master the set from either the original album masters of the original multi-tracks masters of each song. In addition, previously unissued live material was mastered for the set, as well as rare studio outtakes and demos. There is an informative booklet with the set which contains both track information and rare photos of the duo.

November 1999 saw the release of The Best of Simon & Garfunkel, a new greatest-hits package intended to replace the 1972 Greatest Hits album. The new CD is remastered from the same tapes as Old Friends, and contains the single mix of "Fakin' It" for completists.

In August 2001, Sony and Legacy Recordings released remasters of the entire Simon and Garfunkel catalogue (excluding hits collections and the soundtrack to The Graduate). These remasters feature the handiwork of Bob Irwin and Vic Anesini, whose remastering of S&G material was first realized on Old Friends. Each disc features bonus tracks, expanded liner notes, photos and other fun features, making them worth the upgrade.

In October 2003, Sony/Legacy will release The Essential Simon & Garfunkel, a two-disc hits set. This set's release is scheduled to coincide with the start of their 2003 "Old Friends" tour.

The cover art of Graceland has changed! Is there a new version of Graceland?

On 22 April 1997, a new version of Graceland was released. This new version is an ECD (enhanced CD), featuring multimedia enhancements which can be viewed on a PC or Mac.

The "enhanced" portion of the disc includes video footage, lyrics, commentary, and other goodies, all of which can been viewed on a PC (486/66DX or better for the Intel crowd, 68040 or PowerPC for the MacOS people). The quality of the new audio, video and graphics is first-rate.

The "regular" portion of the CD is unchanged from the original Graceland issue - there was no 20-bit remastering, as I had hoped. Still, the album is quite a treat. You may still want to hold on to your original CD, though, as the liner notes have changed. Gone are Paul's analyses of the songs from Graceland (most of these are now part of the multimedia "enhancement"); in is a new, "ten years after" essay by noted critic Timothy White.

Is "Ten Years" available on CD?

"Ten Years," a song Paul wrote as the theme song for the tenth-anniversary season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," is available on a compilation CD titled Carnival! (catalogue number 74321 44769-2, RCA-Victor Records). The CD is a benefit project for The Rainforest Foundation, a charity founded by Sting and Trudie Styler. The version of "Ten Years" on this CD is full-length, as opposed to the "Oprah" version, which only used the first two verses and chorus.

Is Garfunkel's Lefty still available? How about The Animals' Christmas?

Art Garfunkel's 1988 album, Lefty, is currently out-of-print in most countries. It is, however, still issued in Japan, and likely available from retailers (both online and bricks-and-mortar) who specialize in import sales. Expect to pay a premium. Used copies do show up at CD stores, so it's best to look around (best bet: online auction sites). There are no current plans to reissue this album in the U.S. Two tracks from Lefty are available on Garfunkel's greatest hits album, Garfunkel.

Art's 1986 collaboration with Amy Grant, The Animals' Christmas, is now available exclusively from The Art Garfunkel Website. One song from this album is available on Art's 1993 Up 'Til Now compilation album.

I've seen this CD called Paul Simon Plus at a record store. Is it any good? What is it?

Paul Simon Plus (also called Paul Simon and Friends, among other titles) is a CD which features three of Paul Simon's recordings from the early 1960s. These recordings are the property of the Henry Hadaway Organization (not Paul Simon), and Paul Simon has no control over their issue. These three songs do feature a young Paul Simon, but the recordings have been "doctored" over the years, resulting in a syrup-laden mix which is excessive, even for doo-wop era Simon.

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Internet and Other

Is there a Simon & Garfunkel Usenet group?

There is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to Paul Simon, though threads come up regarding Simon & Garfunkel and Art Garfunkel -

Are there any other web resources for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel fans?

There are many - check out the Links page for a list of other great S&G resources on the web.

Note that this is a small FAQ, and is now a part of the Simon & Garfunkel FAQ.

Last updated: 22 September 2003