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Song For The Asking
ROIO - Recordings Of Illegitimate Origin

Title Back To College
Label Yellow Dog
Catalog Number YD 044
Source Live at Miami University, Oxford, OH
11 November 1969
For AT&T TV special,
Mastered from soundboard tapes.
X-Ref Que Viva Barba
A Time Of Innocence
Quality SUP/10
1. Mrs. Robinson   (4:51)
2. Fakin' It   (3:33)
3. The Boxer   (5:28)
4. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright   (3:11)
5. Why Don't You Write Me   (3:38)
6. Silver Haired Daddy   (3:19)
7. Cuba Si - Nixon No   (3:27)
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water   (5:47)
9. The Sound Of Silence   (4:43)
10. Bye Bye Love   (2:34)
11. Homeward Bound   (6:28)
12. At The Zoo   (2:18)
13. America   (7:19)
14. Song For The Asking   (1:45)
15. A Poem On The Underground Wall   (3:52)
16. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her   (2:29)
Total Time 64:49
An excellent performance from one of the few concerts where Simon and Garfunkel had a full backing band. The whole show was filmed for a TV special, Songs of America, to air later that November. Due to the political overtones of the show (not the least of which was the song "Cuba Si - Nixon No"), AT&T withdrew much of its sponsorship, and only two tracks from the show were aired, including "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

The performance is fairly lively, given the likelihood that Paul and Art weren't on the best of terms, due to Art's increasing interest in screen acting. Many of the songs from Bridge Over Troubled Water performed at this show were new to the audience - all but "The Boxer" were unreleased at this point. This is definitely a show worthy of official release.

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