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ROIO - Recordings Of Illegitimate Origin

Title Hearts And Bones
Label Moonlight
Catalog Number ML 9516
Source Studio outtakes from Think Too Much project, some with Art Garfunkel and most different from the official album cuts.
Mastered from cassette, recorded in 1981 and 1982.
Performers Paul Simon - guitar, vocals
Art Garfunkel - vocals
Steve Gadd - drums and percussion
Richard Tee - keyboards
Airto Moreira - percussion
Dean Parks - guitars
Anthony Jackson - bass
Quality EX-/8.0
1. Cars Are Cars (3:06)
2. Train In The Distance (5:33)
3. Rene And Georgette Magritte... (3:44)
4. Think Too Much (A) (3:16)
5. The Late Great Johnny Ace (4:46)
6. Song About The Moon (4:08)
7. Allergies (4:58)
8. Hearts And Bones (5:41)
9. When Numbers Get Serious (3:42)
10. Think Too Much (B) (2:31)
Total Time 41:29
This material is fascinating, as at least two of the tracks (from what I can tell) are Simon and Garfunkel recordings of tunes from the aborted Think Too Much reunion project. "Train In The Distance" and "Song About The Moon" both have Art doing his trademark harmonies, and the latter has him singing a verse solo ("The laughing boy..." middle eight). The other material is all very rough in comparison to Hearts And Bones (the official release), with different instrumentation and vocals. In the case of "Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War," there are no vocals at all. My guess is that this is where the album stood when Paul decided to pursue Hearts And Bones as a solo project.

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