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ROIO - Recordings Of Illegitimate Origin

Title Welcome In Holland
Label Yellow Dog
Catalog Number YD 059/60
Source Live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 21 May 1970 and live in Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1966 (NCRV TV)
Mastered from soundboard tapes and video.
Performers Paul Simon - guitar, vocals
Art Garfunkel - vocals
Larry Knechtel - piano
X-Ref Amsterdam 1970
Quality SUP-/9.5 (1970)
EX-/8.5 (1966)
Amsterdam 1970
1. The Boxer (5:14)
2. Homeward Bound (2:55)
3. Fakin' It (4:06)
4. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (2:35)
5. Silver Haired Daddy (3:30)
6. I Am A Rock (5:38)
7. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (2:38)
8. Mrs. Robinson (3:17)
9. Scarborough Fair (3:52)
10. El Condor Pasa (3:28)
11. Leaves That Are Green (3:05)
12. Punky's Dilemma (2:24)
13. America (3:48)
14. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (3:59)
15. Song For The Asking (2:04)
16. A Poem On The Underground Wall (2:29)
17. Bridge Over Troubled Water (6:14)
18. The Sound Of Silence (5:20)
19. Bye Bye Love (8:03)
20. Old Friends/Bookends (4:51)

Haarlem 1966
1. Anji (0:30)
2. Richard Cory (2:58)
3. Homeward Bound (2:42)
4. Leaves That Are Green (2:44)
5. I Am A Rock (3:03)
6. A Most Peculair Man (2:57)
7. A Poem On The Underground Wall (2:03)
8. He Was My Brother (2:42)
9. The Sound Of Silence (3:20)
10. Anji (0:36)
Total Time 103:24
Amsterdam 1970: One of a handful of concerts performed in support of the Bridge Over Troubled Water album. A lively performance, with many "stripped down" renditions of BOTW material. An excited audience creates an ideal environment for Paul and Art to ad lib witty intros to the songs. The recording is quite nice, with a few dropouts, but definitely soundboard. Art has some problems with his microphone in the beginning, but they are quickly remedied.

Haarlem 1966: A TV appearance featuring Paul in his "hip-and-cool" guise and Art as his usual self. The songs are performed well, but they are quick and to-the-point, likely due to time constraints from the TV show's producer. The recording quality is good, but not as pristine as the 1970 show.

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