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ROIO - Recordings Of Illegitimate Origin

Title Live Composin'
A Songwriter and the Band
Label Private Masters
Catalog Number PM 055/56
Source Live at Budokan Judo Arena, Tokyo, Japan - 20 February 1974
Mastered from audience recording.
Performers Paul Simon - guitar, vocals
The Jessy Dixon Singers
Quality EX-/8.5
1. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard
2. Was A Sunny Day
3. Cecilia
4. Homeward Bound
5. American Tune
6. El Condor Pasa
7. Duncan
8. Death in Santa Fe (Urubamba)
9. Kapchapari (Urubamba)
10. Scarborough Fair
11. The Boxer
12. Mrs. Robinson
13. I Am A Rock
14. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
15. Isodaerome
16. Mother and Child Reunion
17. Sound of Silence
18. What Do They Call Him (The Jessy Dixon Singers)
19. Jesus Is The Answer (The Jessy Dixon Singers)
20. Bridge Over Troubled Water
21. Loves Me Like A Rock
22. Bye Bye Love
23. America
This two-disc set is a wonderful snapshot of Paul's 1974 tour - the same tour that produced Live Rhymin'. The key difference is that this set features the entire show, including solo sets from Urubamba and The Jessy Dixon Singers.

The quality of this set is very good for an audience recording. This is likely due, in no small part, to the quiet nature of the audience. Everything on this set is very clear and very enjoyable.

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