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ROIO - Recordings Of Illegitimate Origin

Title Paul Simon Plus
Label Javelin
Catalog Number JAVCD141
Source Tapes of Paul's performances of the three songs on this disc are from a private collection, and are dated between 1960-1961.
Performers Paul Simon - guitar, vocals
Quality SUP-/9.5
1. Play Me A Sad Song (Jerry Landis)
2. It Means A Lot ( " " )
3. Flame ( " " )
plus 9 other non-Paul Simon tracks.
Total Time 6:44 (for the three Paul Simon tunes)
I'm sure that many readers have seen this CD at store and have wondered what, exactly, it is - especially given its low-end price of $5-7.

This disc features three Paul Simon tracks from his days spent between Tom & Jerry and Tico & The Triumphs. The three songs (one of which is a Simon original - "Play Me A Sad Song") are all ballads, and should be fairly simple. However, the producer who assembled this CD also found it necessary to overdub synthesizers, a choir, and an orchestra onto otherwise simple recordings. Paul's voice is there (as is his guitar, though it's barely audible under all of the moden muck), and his singing is typical of his doo-wop days: weepy-eyed, teenage tear-jerker stuff. These songs are far from Paul's best, even for his early days.

Try tracking down Early Simon & Garfunkel or either of the Tom & Jerry Greatest Hits discs instead.

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